HOME TOWN Music- when they finished plowing the fields and feeding the stock and the
chores were all done the home town people got together and played music of the soul.  Based
on real life and real family the true country music of the heartland.  The Woody Guthrie's
and Cisco Houston's sang of life and people and work and the unions and trials and
tribulations of us that were born into this land without a silver spoon.  That's the music of
HAROLD HUTSON plays guitar, mandolin and his vocals have captured the essence of this
music.  He came from a musical family who would sit around with friends and neighbors in
Colorado mountains and play music.  His dad was quite a musician and his mom had a beautiful
voice.  Harold followed his musical love playing in bands and taking banjo lessons from Lynn
Morris.  He was inspired by Doc Watson and was involved in the Folk music revolution.  Harold
has always been a working man and knows first hand the meanings of the songs he sings.  He
adds a country soul to the songs of the people that Home Town performs.

JOAN STETLER-is the ultimate musician who grew up in Rural New Jersey.  She was
performing at age 7 and is a master of all types of music.  Her parents were working people and
she saw her dad leave early in the morning and come home with the dirt of hard work on his
hands at night.  She has performed in many bands from country music to cowboy songs to
bluegrass.  She has haunting harmonies and is a great bass player.  Joan adds a musical ability
to the band that polishes the presentation    

ZIEB STETLER-was born in Kansas and lived many places in the country when his father was
in the army air force.  Zieb has worked at many jobs from metal work to restaurants to auto
repair.  He was present at the Flatt & Scruggs famous Carnegie hall concert in 1963 where he
decided to play the banjo.  Zieb's style includes the famous
Scruggs style as well as claw hammer and even some new grass.  He has played everything
from country to gospel to cowboy and bluegrass/
This great combination of musicians gives Home Town the unique style of
heartland songs from America.  Whether its a song about work  or love lost, they
have all been there.  They have struggled to raise families and make ends meet.  
Thats the kind of music Home Town does-real music about real life.  It isn't
music that is put in the box of Country, Cowboy& Western or Folk.  It is just the
music of every day people trying to survive.  We have all been there and can